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The morning of my visit to Auschwitz…After an agitated nights sleep, the morning started off quite sunny but as soon as I got onto the bus for the journey I was greeted by a gloomy sky, I was filled with nerves & yet excitement for something i find truly fascinating. The Holocaust & WW2 are something I’ve had major interest in as a young boy, you think that you understand what went on there with the documentaries, films & even pictures but I can’t put into words how wrong I was, to actually be there first hand was bone chilling & it’s something that I will never forget.

Before I set out to do my photography I always said I wanted to visit Auschwitz & have my very own collection of photos as I was always in ore of seeing everyone’s that had done their own. Having the opportunity to do so I didn’t leave anything behind & captured what I wanted to get. I’m not one for praising my own work but I am extremely proud of what I have done & nobody will ever take that away from me.

Throughout my time there all I could think about was my own family & trying to put myself there all those years ago, where I would have been separated from them, with the wife & children instantly being sent to their deaths in the most inhumane way. I found myself on a bus back to Krakow, my mind filled with a million thoughts and questions that will never find a rational answer.

I won’t go on anymore but this is something very special to me.. thank you for reading!

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